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About Vekelz

About Us Updated at 01-02-2022

Vekelz is the best platform ever in the automotive worldVekelz applications was created by "Vekelz Technology", a limited liability company,Vekelz intends to connect car owners and car service providers in all their forms and make communication between them better, easier and more effectively.

Car owners

They are all car owners in general, whether they are “owners, taxis, transport, collective transport” and whether they are in the possession of individuals, sellers, or even institutions. road, evaluate sellers and see other ratings and other user comments, upcoming and previous appointments, and adding invoices to return to them later, area to another, whether in your car or any other car, and the average of consumed fuel, This is in addition to the car market and a number of distinctive services provided by Vekelz Car owners can use the Vekelz app by:

Car service providers

They are car service providers in all its forms for retail sale, including " gas station, new parts shops, imported used parts shops, mechanics, electricity, sell and change of oil and filter, car care, sell and repair tires and rims, batteries, charging and maintenance of air conditioning, car faults detection, glass sell and change, glass cracks repair, keys repair, doors adjusting, adjust angles and stacking, plumbing and auto paint, maintenance of car gearbox, car trunk, radiators, exhauster, brakes, lathers and turners, saddlers, leather chairs, accessories, Nano, bumpers repair and fiber, garage, car showrooms, car cranes, mobile maintenance service", and all that applies to those specifications, whether they provide one or more services in addition to the supermarket and the restaurants owned by service providers such as gas stations. Vekelz offers service providers several advantages that can be used immediately upon account creation. manage the account, develop it, in addition to many other advantages Service Providers can use the Vekelz seller App by: